Plattsburg Public School

festina lente - hasten slowly

Telephone02 4955 9196

About our school

Plattsburg Public School is a committed member of the Wallsend Community of Schools and is part of the new Callaghan Campus. Literacy and numeracy are our core business with student welfare a major focus. Effective leadership, collaborative decision-making, and planned staff development are the key features of the school's operation. There is a strong sense of community identity and pride in the school, with many generations of families continuing their education at the school.

Plattsburg Public School was established in 1865 and is located in the suburb of Wallsend. We are very proud of our history and the school has, in its long lifetime, been a Superior Public School, an Intermediate High School and a District Rural School. Today it is a Primary School, Kindergarten through to year 6. You can find our school on the corner of Ranclaud and Boscowan Street.

We are built on a hill opposite Federal Park and, while we have a big playground of our own, we often enjoy the use of Federal Park. Plattsburg is a small school of around 215 students where students are friends and neighbours and where staff and parents strive to provide a balance between learning and having fun. Our buildings are a mixture of nineteenth and twentieth century architecture but you will find a smartboard in every classroom. Wireless technology and class sets of lap tops allows students to be 21st century learners. We love to dance, play sport, sing, play chess, garden, make things, go on excursions and much more.

All students are welcome into our school and we value and celebrate cultural diversity. Our kids are great, and that's why our school is grea

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