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All parents, carers and community members are welcome at Plattsburg Public School. Parent/Carer volunteers and helpers enter into a partnership with the school that is based on mutual responsibility and respect.

The role of parent/carer helpers and volunteers is to support student learning and school life as directed by the principal.

How to become a volunteer

Guidelines for volunteers

  • Avoid comparing children and their work.
  • Please be respectful of all students' privacy related to their class work.
  • Give all children equal time and attention where possible.
  • Encourage children to be independent - we expect children to try everything themselves before we help them.
  • Let the classroom teacher know if a child discusses a matter that concerns you.
  • Be aware that some days/times may not suit school operations

Confidentiality - obligations and responsibilities 

  • Parents/Carers and volunteers are not to discuss any information they obtain at school with anybody, other than the classroom teacher or the Principal.  
  • As schools are mandatory reporters with Family and Community Services any disclosures by students made to parents and volunteers must be reported to the Principal or delegate.
  • You may see children struggling with work, becoming upset or misbehaving. You might also hear/see other information concerning a child while you are helping at school. It is vital that you do not share anything about specific children with friends, family or a child's parent/carer. 
  • The class teacher has the responsibility of informing parents/carers of any concerns about a child. If you have concerns or questions, please speak to your child's classroom teacher.

Plattsburg Public School and Plattsburg Public School P&C require that ALL volunteers (both current and new) complete the online Working With Children Check. Registration numbers need to be presented to the Principal (Ellen Bax) for verification. There is no charge to volunteers. The school is very happy to make a computer available to any Plattsburg Volunteer to complete a Working With Children Check. Please click here to complete your application.

You are also required to provide 100 points of identification to the school and complete a :-

WWCC Appendix 5 (pdf 98 KB).

The Department of Education's Working With Children Policy can be view here.